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As a graduate Of Herkimer County College, Michael applied his skills and talents as a Broadcast Engineer for HCTV, Channel 10. Michael then branched out to creating his own video production company, CREATIVE MEDIA GROUP, with 1 main goal, “Assemble experts in their chosen fields to create professional digital media”, at a cost that anyone can afford! For over 15 years, Michael has been producing live events, Concerts, and Television Shows for various artists including Monk Rowe, Katy Quick, Ryan Quinn, Remsen Arts Center, John Wooden, and others.

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With over 15 years experience in live event production, Creative Media Group offers the best in HD recording and streaming. Over 200 events including Theater Events, Music Concerts, Live Seminars, and Stage events have been produced, recorded, and streamed live in HD, all for the fraction of the cost!

Creative Media Group offers BROADCAST QUALITY equipment including Canon 3CCD cameras, wireless mic systems, Adobe Editing facilities, Pro Lite lighting, and portable keying and background systems. We are proud to kick off our new live event system, STUDIOCASTER, a custom built 5 camera, live mixing and broadcasting system!

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